Excuse Us!

You may have noticed that we have made a few changes on our blog, most noticeably, to the layout. We now have a clean, stylish theme with a vintage feel and a landing page that provides a greater insight to what we are all about.


We have some other changes coming up including the addition of a shop front and portfolio pages to showcase our designs and photography in place of our current retail site www.carminerosedevon.co.uk , which we feel will has somewhat taken on a life of its own and gone in a direction we are no longer happy with. Whilst we have undertaken this decision and made the changes, we have also made a discovery that we feel could be beneficial to other WordPress users considering a change of theme too.


During out transition from one theme to another, we lost many of our embedded post images and had to spend much time reviewing each and everyone to ensure all were replaced.  The strange thing is that when they were viewed in the draft they would show perfectly but this did not translate over to the live blog post! (On viewing the page we were greeted with a thumbnail and the image title, leaving us no option but to reload the image into the post, it was a pain to say the least!)


If you have posts going back years, you may not have any/all of the original images in your Media Library (as we found we didn’t), which can cause headaches when trying to replace these missing files.So if possible it’s best to save all post files if you can (or never change your theme!)


Along with replacing the broken photo files we also added ‘featured’ images to all of our posts in order to make changes to the way the posts were shown. We wanted to provide a snippet of each post to allow a greater view able space over a larger timeline of topics covered, meaning it’s easier to pick out what you would like to read without having to scroll through whole blog posts to find previous ones.

All in all, we hope you like our new look and you will keep coming back for more!


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