Last Minute Gifts – A Few Other Ideas…

If food and drink gifts are not your idea of a perfect present, perhaps our final selection will fit the bill….

Slipper Gift Set
You can’t beat a good set of Slippers for Christmas, filled with beauty accessories for him and her!!
Pretty Providence

Okay I love this idea! Get slippers and fill them with little treats or gift cards, so fun.

Jar Gift Set for Him
…Or how about a man jar just for him!
The Gunny Sack

Modge Podge Lace Mug
Or a homemade mug complete with their favourite brand of hot chocolate and mini marshmallows!?
The Budget Decorator


Homemade Sugar Scrub
A gift for pampering…made from cupboard ingredients
One Little Project

This homemade sugar scrub is SO EASY and it smells amazing! It only takes 5 minutes to make and leaves your skin feeling so soft. It would make a great homemade gift. So luxurious!

Elf Wine Bottle
A perfect gift for the grown ups…a bottle of bubbly and handmade Elf hat!

Crafty Handmade Gift Ideas#DIY Christmas Gift Ideas                                                                                                                                                                                 More:

Scrabble Personalised Art
A great gift idea for couples and families…made from old Scrabble pieces

Handmade Snow Globe
A great idea for bigger kids


We reckon Dad’s would like this one too….we think it’s pretty cool!!
Mason Jar Crafts Love

car-in-mason-jar-snow-globe (7 of 15) - Copy

DIY Baby Keepsake
For Babies (and new mum’s!), how about a gift they can make together using a salt dough ingredient gift set and ribbon…
The Imagination Tree


And if all else fails….get creative with a monetary gift!

Origami-Instructions (Heart),Etsy (Christmas Tree,
Joanna Goddard
 (Camera), Bored Panda (Butterfly), You Tube (Penguin)


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