It’s been a little while since we last posted due to working on redesigning our new website and creating some awesome new products so we thought we would treat you to one of our new favourite things…Cactus inspired products!

Now you may have seen these prickly creatures turning up in a few places, we think it could be the next new craze, so here are a few of our favourite Cactus inspired designs….

Cute Washi Tape found over at mandiekuo via Etsy

Home Republic Design Series Cactus Quilt Cover Set, quilt covers, quilt cover sets  -- Designed by Rebecca Jones:

Cactus Duvet Set –

Battery-Powered Cactus String Lights - Urban Outfitters:

Get the party started with these Cactus String Lights – urbanoutfitters

Can't Touch This Mug:

‘Can’t Touch This’ Cactus Mug by charmandgumption

DIY Jewellery Stand, Full Instructions Found At – pneumaticaddict

Small Cactus Notebook by NotOnlyPolkaDots on Etsy:

Cactus Notebook by NotOnlyPolkaDots via Etsy

Dog Teepee! By pipolli


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