Fabulous Food: Summer Thirst Quenchers!

We are enjoying the glorious sunshine down here in Devon with word that a mini heatwave is on it’s way! With this in mind we thought it was time to start thinking about cooking up some thirst quenchers…and a few to enjoy on a warm summers evening – responsibly of course!!


Our first find is this fresh Raspberry and Lemon fizz – great for hot days and perfect for little and big kids alike! www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk


Our first one for the grown ups…beautiful and delicate this Pink Lemonade is perfect for an evening in the garden with the girls…www.monikahibbs.com


We must admit we are still undecided on this Lavender Lemonade, but it seems to be a popular choice – why not give it a go? www.greenevi.com/all-natural-lavender-lemonade/


The name screams summer as does the orange and red of this cocktail which features a mix of Pineapple. Cranberry Juice, Malibu and Grenadine…


If Raspberry and Lavender aren’t your thing then how about some frozen Mango Lemonade? Just the thought of it is making our mouth’s water!


We think we like the sound of this one the best! Blueberriness in a cocktail…yum! www.bakingbeauty.net/blueberry-mojito/


Get right into the swing of the Rio Olympics with this Brazilian Lemonade recipe. www.playzwithfood.com/home/brazilian-lemonade/


A more sophisticate Lemonade for the discerning type, made with Lemons (of course!?) and Pomegranate juice, it’s perfect for ladies of leisure on balmy afternoons. www.drizzleanddip.com/2015/05/21/pomegranate-lemonade


Our last summer inspired offering packs a punch and is a beautiful deep colour – the Cherry ‘7 & 7’ owes its beauty to a mix of fresh Cherries, Cherry liqueur, Jameson Whiskey and 7 Up, after a couple of these an afternoon snooze may be needed…due to the heat of course! www.sugarandsoul.


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  1. We loved the sound of it over here at Carmine Rose and are keen to try it ourselves – we adore anything with Blueberries! We are really pleased you like the post and thank you for the opportunity to re-post in the future!x


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