Fabulous Food: Shake it up!


Over here at The Bird & The Rose we do love ourselves a thick, creamy milkshake made using a mix of our favourite flavours. As part of an American themed night we had a go at whipping up some awesome shakes like our ‘go-to’s’ down at Ed’s Easy Diner.

We experimented with a few options and thought we would share a couple of our recipes for these delicious shakes now and then starting with an exotic Bounty Thick Shake….creamy and sweet, this shake combines cool ice cream with a tasty coconut shot – divine and even more perfect when the sun decides to shine!


100ml Milk (we used semi-skimmed)
Bounty spread (available from supermarkets)
Vanilla Ice Cream (the least or most expensive, we went own brand!)
A cute glass and paper straw!

You will also need the all important blender, a measuring jug and a couple of tablespoons!


Ok so for this super simple creamy thick shake with an exotic taste all you need to do is measure out 100ml of milk, adding it to the blender.

Add 3-4 large scoops of slightly melted Vanilla ice-cream.

Next add your Bounty flavouring – 2-3 big scoops of it…and voila!

Once all your ingredients are added, make sure to pop the lid on and blend the hell out of it on setting 1, for approx 30 secs to 1 min, until everything looks smooth!

Once your are happy, pour that goodness into a cute glass, add a paper straw and enjoy!


All images copyright The Bird & The Rose


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