Fabulous Food: Father’s Day Feast Ideas

It’s a little over a week until Father’s Day in the UK (psst! It’s Sunday 19th June, so don’t panic!!)

As we have been graced with some gorgeously hot weather recently, we would say BBQ season is well and truly here. So why not treat your Dad to the ultimate Father’s Day feast with our selection of mouthwatering recipes…


A BBQ just isn’t a BBQ without skewers of some variety – check out these Honey Porter Glazed Chicken Skewers by The Beeroness.


Hot Dogs and BBQ’s go together like Cheese and Pineapple – try this yummy selection of Dogs for your Dad over at Pink Pistachio by Missy


Talking of Cheese and Pineapple, drop the Cheese and add a Shrimp to the barby with these Grilled BBQ Pineapple Shrimp Bites found over at Julie’s Eats and Treats


The BBQ wouldn’t be complete without a good old Burger – Man style! So check out this Whiskey Burger recipe by Mantitlement


Every barby needs a side dish or two and we think this tasty looking Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad by Life in the Lofthouse, fits the bill.


Another Dad-friendly side dish,  Red Bliss Potato Salad with Blue Cheese by Martha Stewart


For the finishing touch, a dessert from the grill…and what else but Grilled Donuts could fit the bill, as seen over on Buzzfeed. Drizzle with Maple syrup or Hershey’s chocolate sauce for an awesome after dinner treat – Happy Father’s Day style!


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