We’ve All Gone Flamingo Crazy

Now that all the big events for March are done and dusted, what better way to pass the time than to look for all things Flamingo related?!

As with Pugs, the world has now gone crazy over funky Flamingo products in all their hot pinkness and they are literally everywhere and on everything – not that we are complaining though as we have been just as easily sucked in by this colourful creature!

In light of this we have done our usual trawling to find some awesome Flamingo-ed products for you to desire…

1. These are some very awesome Flamingo glitzy Golf Balls from Vice Golf – perfect for him or her. Available in multiples of 12, starting at £29.88.VICE_PRO_FLAMINGO_Back2.Flamingo candles from Flamingo Gifts. Eco friendly, organic, fair trade and made in the UK – £12.00Classic-Asian-Pear-Plum-Candle-4

3.Wear plasters with pride, stick a Flamingo on it! Ouch! Flamingo Deluxe Plasters available from Girls Travel Club for only £3.99

Flamingo_Plasters4.One coin you won’t be spending – a great gift for a flamingo lover is this British Virgin Islands ,The Majestic Flamingo – 2015 Pink Titanium Coin from Pobjoy. com, £37.46 BVI-2015-FLAMINGO-PINK-TITANIUM_300x300

5.Add some colour to the dinner table with these classy Flamingo Napkins, £2.50 from Talking Tables.comflamingo-napkins6.If you are throwing a party of any sort, these are a must for the drinks table! Download the free printable here, courtesy of Design is Yay!


7.Funk up your phone with this Flamingo phone case, available for an array of different makes and models from Ebay, and it’s only £4.95!flamingo-phone-case8.This Flamingo rolling pin makes our most awesome list – roll over some icing or biscuit dough for some trendy bakes! $39.50 from FAB.com



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