Fabulous Food: Make Your Own Easter Egg


Half term is upon us, it’s been a beautifully sunny, if not chilly start and we are sure the kids are no doubt bouncing off the walls with excitement about the arrival of the Easter Bunny!

If you stuck for ideas, why not get into the full swing of things with our homemade Easter Egg tutorial. This is a first attempt for us but we hope that this goes to show how easy it can be to make a wonderful handmade gift this Easter.

All you need for this really simple yet effective make is a plastic Easter Egg mould – these are available off the shelf from both Lakeland and Hobby Craft; some good quality supermarket own brand chocolate (we picked up 150g of dark chocolate for 75p) and some Mini Eggs for the surprise! Equipment wise, you will need a saucepan and heatproof bowl, a tablespoon, small bread board and a butter knife, for scraping off the excess chocolate.


1. Firstly, make sure that you wash the mould with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. Place half of the bar of chocolate into your heatproof bowl and melt over a low heat – you can also use a microwave and suitable bowl, but we prefer the traditional way!


3.Once the chocolate has melted, remove from the heat and allow to cool slightly, place about 2 tablespoons of the melted chocolate into the egg mould and gently roll the mould around in your hand, evenly distributing the chocolate and ensuring that it reaches right to the edges. Using a butter knife, remove the excess from the edge of the mould and leave to begin setting. After five minutes or so, add another couple of teaspoons to the mould – you want to build up an even covering of chocolate but don’t worry if it isn’t perfect – it’s homemade remember!


4. After you have added enough chocolate to the mould, place in the fridge and leave to set – approx 30-60 mins will be enough. After this time, remove the mould from the fridge and gently turn upside down, pry the edges of the mould away. If the chocolate has set fully your mould should be easy to remove. If it hasn’t, place the mould back into the fridge for a little while longer. Once the egg half is successfully removed from the mould, again replace in the fridge to prevent it from melting while you make another half. Repeat the previous steps for the second half of the egg.


5.Once you have made both halves, remove them from the fridge and reheat a little more chocolate. Add your Mini Eggs of choice to the center of one half and spread the melted chocolate around the edge of the other, before joining by placing on top. The melted chocolate will then seal the egg with the surprise inside!

6.Finally, place (hide) the Egg back in the fridge until Easter – or if you can’t wait (like we couldn’t) indulge! It really is as simple as that – no tempering required. We achieved a good shine on our Egg and we were really impressed with our results. This is a great way to pass the day and we are sure the Eggs will be greatly received by friends and loved ones (and undoubtedly your inner child!)

All images copyright The Bird & The Rose


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