Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Pt2


We hope you have had a chance to browse part one of our Mother’s Day gift guide and are no longer panicked by the thought of it arriving unexpectedly! We again look forward to sharing some more lovely gift ideas, focusing heavily on handmade inspired tokens of appreciation in part two of our guide. We have scoured the net for high quality designs that we are sure your Mum will be thrilled to receive and we think she will love them even more because they were made by you…just for her!

There is No Greater Good in all the World than Motherhood: A great way to show your Mum how much you care is to present her with a long lasting sentiment of what she means to you.We don’t often tell the ones we love how grateful we are to have them in our lives however, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to change this.

A lovely idea is to frame a beautifully worded print or poem that she can keep forever. We are especially fond of this framed poem by Pearl and Earl –  be inspired and create your own relatively inexpensive yet sentimentally priceless gift for your wonderful Mum.


A Picture is worth a Thousand Words: Another great gift idea is this photo collage from House on The Way. Create your own using cardboard letters from a craft store and your favourite printed images before sealing with Modge Podge for a gift that will pull on her heartstrings.


After Women, Flowers are the Most Divine Creations: We wanted to throw in this cute little idea by Oh Happy Day! We think this is a really sweet gift created using a matchbox covered in bright, ‘happy paper’ with a pretty paper bouquet concealed inside – a lovely little sentiment for your ma that’s just a bit different.


Between The Pages of a Book is a Lovely Place to Be: Another great idea are these little fabric scrap bookmarks. A sweet little gift for Mum’s who like to bury their heads in a good book. Find the full tutorial over at mmmcrafts.


A Women’s Work is Never Done: We love, love, love these cute clothes pegs and think that they are great for making laundry days that little bit more exciting. Available on Etsy via Quotes and Notes – they can be easily whipped up with an ink stamp and some old pegs – super cute!


You Wash, I’ll Dry: As we know Mum’s spend a lot of time in the Kitchen (rightly or wrongly) so why not liven it up with some homemade tea towels. Take inspiration from Cherished Bliss and their funky ‘Sharpie’ inspired designs – a quick, simple and easy gift idea.


Happiness Begins with a Cup of Tea: If your Mum likes to relax with a nice cuppa, check out this lovely tutorial by Lia Griffith and make some of your own tea bags complimented by vintage style tags using the free printables provided.


Love is Where the Light Is: Last but not least, why not make your Mum a homemade candle – it’s so easy to do! There are plenty of tutorials out there like the one found over at Polkadotbride. We would recommend using Soy Wax as it’s more environmentally friendly and less harmful. A great gift to accompany a relaxing soak  🙂


So there we have it, the second part of our Mother’s Day Gift guide. We hope this inspires you to get your make on for some gifts from the heart for the number 1 lady in your life – your good old Mum!! We have some more ideas lined up including some free printables and a number of great Mother’s Day bakes to make her day really special, so stay tuned!

Flower quote by Christian Dior, Mum Biscuits by


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