Popping the question?


In accordance with Leap Year tradition, 2pm on the 29th February is the time and place for ladies in love to pop the question. Occurring once every four years, it’s the perfect time to conjure up some creative ways to propose, so if you’re stuck for ideas look no further…

THE HARDCORE GAMER: Perfect for the button basher in your life, this Mario inspired proposal will bring back fond memories and change up that ‘game-face!’


Gaming Proposal

THE FOODIE: If your fella fancies himself as a foodie, these engraved plates are perfect for sneaking a proposal in with dinner!


Paloma’s Nest

THE BUDDING BARISTA: Tea or coffee, now that is the question…well usually, when your fella sees this, that won’t be the most important question of the day…at least for a brief moment anyway!


THE TAKEAWAY KING: Maybe he loves a takeaway…treat your man to his favourite dish and then serve up some of these ‘love-ly’ fortune cookies for dessert!



THE SWEETIE: Perhaps he is a right ‘sweet’ heart who loves something a bit naughty?! If so he will love this ‘delicious’ proposal!



THE WANNABE BARMEN: Or is your chap the type who likes to sit down after a hard days work with a cold beer – serve up the best he has ever had with this engraved glass!



THE LEARNED MAN: If your man fancies himself as a bit of a literary connoisseur then why not hide a proposal in a beautifully romantic novel or book of poems, ‘highlighting’ your passion with just a little bit of help from a world famous novelist!



These are just a few of the awesome ideas we have found with a quick search of the net, have  a look around and be imaginative! Hold them heads high ladies and get ready to blow him away with the most important questions he has ever had to answer! We hope its ‘yes’ all round – Good luck!

Clock: https://36.media.tumblr.com/f28141520518499cbcd69ef35b831b48/


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