Fabulous Food: Pancakes Ahoy!

It suddenly occurred to us that it is Pancake Day and we thought it wise to ‘throw’ together some yummy recipes to inspire you this evening!

1. Our first delicious recipe is Fluffy Banana Pancakes by Kitchen Treaty, these look totally yummy and they are certainly on the ‘healthier’ side of things!


2. The second helping is by Jamie Oliver with his Blueberry ‘Smoothie’ Pancakes – another healthier option – and we can vouch for this combination as it’s our favourite with a bit of ice cream thrown into the mix too 🙂


3. Our third offering is probably the one we will try tonight – Nutella stuffed pancakes, heaven in a jar, squished between pancakes – it’s even better! Find the recipe at Recipe Tin Eats.


4. Next Gingerbread Pancakes from Creme da la Crumb. A little different but a perfect combination.


5. Check out these Red Velvet pancakes with a Cream Cheese Glaze, literally a cake in a pancake! We love the colouring of these pancakes and reckon they taste as good as they look! The recipe for these babies can be found at Cooking Classy.


6. How about a lighter, creamier choice in these Greek Yoghurt Pancakes from Natasha’s Kitchen, they also look pretty good!


7. We couldn’t do a post without some variety of Peanut Butter inspired creation – and here it is! Created by Minimalist Baker, this is a chocolate/pb lovers feast! It’s also Gluten and Vegan friendly!


8. Last but not least, how about a good old traditional English pancake with Lemon and Sugar…perfectly light and delicately sweetened, you just can’t beat them! Find the recipe at Smitten By Britain.


The possibilities really are endless when it comes to pancakes, so experiment with anything from traditional Maple syrup to something as crazy as Smarties! It only comes around once a year so go all out and have a Happy Pancake Day!!


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