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As you no doubt know, we are avid fans of Pinterest and we have recently become intrigued by the new image search tool, perhaps you haven’t noticed it? As this may be the case we thought we would give a little demo…

The visual search tool is a great little function that can be accessed by simply searching in the usual way and clicking on an image. Once you have enlarged the image, the magnifying glass appears in the top right hand corner (we have fittingly chosen a really cute cat image to demonstrate this effect!)


Once you select the magnifying glass ,you can hover over any part of the image to generate a selection of ‘visually similar results’, like so…


As well as the visual search, in the top right hand corner you are provided with a text search associated with the image, some may appear a little random at times, (as at one point a we received a suggestion of ‘Seal’ whilst playing around with this??!!) But most are a pretty good representations of the selected image.


Clicking on a related text search (we choose Kittens naturally), presents a whole new set of images. Selecting an image increases it’s size but note that on closing or using the back button on your browser, you are returned to your original search images.




Our verdict: We are really liking this versatile tool which adds another option to Pinterest and its search-ability. It’s a great way to find related searches without having to scroll through hundreds of sometimes unrelated images to find the ones you want. This short cut analyses the image and selects related content in a much more sophisticated way. The only annoying thing about this tool is the fact that you cannot return to the initial image (as per our first cat picture) and have to instead restart your search – perhaps there is a way around this that we have not yet discovered, if so please let us know! Overall however, we are big fans of this new toy!

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