Fabulous Food: Taco, Taco


In our household Tacos are a bit of a new thing. Introduced to this Mexican delight way later than we should have been, it has now become a firm favourite at home. We love more unconventional Chicken Tacos, shunning the traditional Beef version and the fact they are so easy to make in our own kitchen!

We know there are loads of recipes out there for homemade Tacos but we thought we would share ours, it’s a bit of a cheat but hey, who cares? So, if you would like to follow our super simple recipe you will need…

1 x Box of Taco Shells (Old El Paso or similar)
1 x Sachet of Fajita seasoning mix (Santa Maria or similar)
1 x Red Onion
1 x Red Pepper
1 x Yellow Pepper
600g Chicken strips (fresh)
Plus… Salsa, Sour Cream and Guacamole to taste, also salad and a bit of grated cheddar cheese.


So, to start finely chop the whole Red Onion and slice both red and yellow Peppers into small strips. Add a small amount of oil into a pan of your choice and add the Chicken, stirring frequently until cooked.


Next we would recommend popping the Taco shells onto a large baking tray upside down and covering with tin foil. Pop the shells into the oven on the top shelf on gas mark 3-4 for about ten minutes, to warm. (The box says approx 4 minutes but we think a little longer is better!)


Once your Chicken is cooked, add the peppers, onion and Fajita sachet to the pan – you will want to stir frequently for 5-10 mins or until the onion and peppers have softened but make sure that you reduce the heat to prevent the bottom of the pan catching and the Chicken burning.


Your Taco shells should be ready to go, bring them out of the oven and place them onto your dinner plates. Next transfer the taco mix into a separate dish or baking tray, ensuring that it is big enough to allow for multiple spoons digging in all at once! You will see that there is a bit of liquid in the pan from the Chicken – this is a good sign. Do not drain this excess off as it adds tons of flavour to the taco mix and prevents the Chicken from tasting too dry.


Finally, liberally stuff each shell with the Taco mix, adding salad, sauces and cheese to taste and Voila! We have served this meal between six, with plenty of filling for two Taco’s each. Offer a side of wedges or how about some Nacho’s? (Maybe a sneaky Desperado too). And you are good to go, now dig in!!


All images copyright The Bird & The Rose


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