We Love These Valentine’s Cards

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and so begins the frantic search for that all important card. The shops are full of them, all pink and covered in love hearts but it’s just not you.

If you are in a relationship but you don’t really do all that romantic stuff, it can be so hard to find a card that says ‘I Love You’ in just the right way, and you know that if you got a bells and whistles ‘cupid flying through the air’ card your other half would just look at it and instantly start taking the mick!

Fear not, a couple of years ago we had just such a dilemma so we turned to a website we didn’t realise would become our go-to for goodies, Not On The High Street. There we found a gem of a seller in Slice of Pie Designs, and knew we were onto a winner.


We instantly fell in love with their quirky, out of the ordinary greetings cards which perfectly conveyed our message in a down-to-earth, human way. Their Valentine’s cards are perfect if you are the sort of couple who aren’t really into the hype surrounding the so called ‘Day of Love’ but would still like to say, you know what ‘I love you’.

Our first purchase was the ‘You’re Alright I Suppose‘ design which went down a treat with a big ‘Cheers then’, at the start of a blossoming relationship (when it can be so awkward if one or the other goes over the top with their first declaration of love!)

Perfect for a bit of fun, all cards are designed and made in Cheshire by professional photographers and owners Mark and Laura Higgins, so you know that you are getting something a little bit special for the loved one in your life.

Source Image: Slice of Pie Designs
Card Shown – You’re Alright Valentine’s Card, £2.45 from Not On The High Street


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