Fabulous Food: Yummly – and it is!


As you probably know by now we love to talk about yummy food, we also love cooking and finding new recipes and it was by chance the other day that we came across a website called Yummly. We are big fans of the Pinterest format and the ability to keep a visual encyclopedia of all our favourite things on the net, so to find out we could also keep a great big visual cookbook really made our day!

This gem of a site was launched here in the UK during 2014, a visual delight, Yummly combines a number of clever technologies to provide you with recipes tailored to your requirements based on previous searches – we can already see ours being filled with chocolate and peanut butter goodies!


Registering with Yummly allows you to further personalise your experience by providing information including skill level, age, gender and the number of people you normally cook for. You will also be asked to select your favourite types of food from American to Chinese, Mexican through to Thai and also select any special dietary requirements or allergies.

On clicking an image you are taken to a recipe page which provides the source website details, the number of ingredients used, calorie count and total prep time including cooking. You have the ability to click the orange ‘Yum’ button to save it via personalised categories, leave a review, print, e-mail or track with UP, an external fitness tracker (requires additional registration.) Scrolling further down the page, there is full nutritional information and a taste guide, which we think is pretty clever.


Our Verdict: Overall, we love a good physical cookbook but find ourselves searching online for recipes and working from our Chromebook in the kitchen more and more. We think that this is an excellent website which has feeds from lots of other sites including BBC Good Food and Jamie Oliver, so if you find you are stuck for ideas why not pop over to Yummly for some inspiration? Warning: You may find that hours have passed and you have become a dribbling mess by the end of it!!

All source images obtained from: http://www.yummly.com/press/ (for promotional purposes only.)


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