Love Winter, Love Snow


Snow – it’s like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it but you should experience it once in your lifetime.

We had a light dusting over Dartmoor on Thursday evening and like moths to a flame, young and old swarmed to the area to see it and feel it. Beautiful in it’s own right, the moors were transformed into an enchanting winter wonderland of laughing children, snowball fights and sledging.

Snow has this way of transforming you into a kid, no matter what your age. Perhaps it’s the crunching noise of fresh snow underfoot, the search for parts to finish your snowman or frantically scooping up snow from every available spot to throw during friendly snowball fights.

Snow transforms even the harshest landscape into a scene from a Christmas card and with it arrives an eerie quiet and a wash of blue light. Walking in the snow is like being in a movie, catching snowflakes on your tongue, wrapped up warm and breathing in fresh, crisp air.

With the snow comes raiding the cupboards for makeshift sledges, climbing hills and flying down at the speed of light, landing in a heap at the bottom with wet hands and knees as well as a few bruises!

With snow arrives a standstill, closed schools, blocked roads and travel chaos but also treasured memories made with families and friends, another reason to love this time of year.


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