Love Brisk Winter Walks


So winter is here and it’s all doom and gloom right? Wrong! We continue our quest to convince the world why we should all love this time of year and especially brisk winter walks…

You know, the kind where you grab a huge coat, half strangle yourself with a scarf and desperately search for wellies and the other glove before heading towards the most densely populated area in the town to fight for a parking space, rummage around for change and eventually join the masses for a two mile hike!

In our fair town, when the sun comes out, everyone heads to the beach, parking is scarce and you can’t move for camper vans, dogs and motor homes..but it’s great.


Being out and about on bright, sunny days, wrapped up warm and filling your lungs with cool, crisp air is a great feeling. You can’t beat a walk when you have been cooped up for days or weeks on end as it floods everywhere around you. It seems rude not to make the most of this precious day, fill up on Vitamin D and work on tightening those buns.

You may even manage to work though all those issue that have been keeping you awake at night and feel like you are finally starting that healthy lifestyle routine you promised yourself on New Year!

Either way, some fresh air and few distractions leave you feeling less stressed and able to deal with new challenges. It’s also a great way to spend time with friends and family when perhaps it’s not so easy these days.


The time pleasantly passes, then panic descends as you realise the parking is about to run out and you practically power walk back to the car, regretting the hot chocolate and burger you may have eaten mid way through the walk which has now caused you a massive stitch, but never mind you think to yourself, it’s more exercise.

On returning to the car, diving in as you see the parking enforcement officer approaching, you feel achey, but in a good way and you look forward to returning to a warm house, peeling off the layers and popping on the kettle before settling down with a hot cup of tea and a black and white film…perfection.

All images copyright The Bird & The Rose


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