New Year’s Resolutions


We hope that you have had an amazing Christmas filled with family, food and festivities! And now, as New Year draws near we thought we would jump on our soap box and tell you why we won’t be making any New Year’s Resolutions….in the kindest possible way of course!

The short explanation…we don’t rate them. New Year is about celebrating a fresh start yet it is overshadowed by the obligation to make New Year’s Resolutions and being a party pooper if you don’t.

We personally hate them and refuse to make any feeling we are only setting ourselves up to fail at the first hurdle. As we enter January – the murkiest, most miserable month of the year when it is dark and downright dismal why should we set ourselves near impossible challenges and hate ourselves when we don’t achieve them after only the first few hours?!

We tip our hats to those who do make and succeed in their resolutions of detoxing, going to the gym everyday, giving up chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes etc… but how happy are they in doing this? What cost do any of us pay when all we really want to be doing is hiding under the duvet with fistfuls of chocolate, a cup of tea and a good box set?

We know most are a bit of fun but our answer is if you really do want to make a change, do it when the decorations are away, the Christmas chocolate is gone and the month of financial struggle is at an end, only then do we believe that those goals are achievable.

Come February when the days are drawing out and spring is on the horizon, it is easier to think more positively, to promise yourself you will get fit, loose a few pounds and turn your life around with great results.

So this year, why not celebrate being you and be kind to yourself?! Trust you will achieve your goals, on your merits and when the time is right….until then pull on that fancy dress, pop open a bottle and have a cracking New Year!

Image – The Graphics Fairy


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