Fabulous Food: Christmas Nibbles

We just wanted to share with you some great Christmas nibble ideas we saw on Eat Well for Less on BBC One (Thursdays at 8pm).

As you know, we are advocates of spending less for more and think that some of these cost effective ways for whipping up some cool Christmas party food could save you a few pennies…

To start, we loved these puff pastry pizza bites, they use very few ingredients and require only toppings.

Puff pastry pizza bites

Using ready made puff pastry for the bases (currently priced at £2.00 at Tesco) these tasty treats can be topped with anything of your choosing. Recipes created on the programme included Tomato and Pesto and Prosciutto with onion and sour cream, yummy!

Hasselback potatoes with bacon

The next was the simplest, yet most ingenious idea we have seen. Lovers of new potatoes, we were salivating at the sight of these Hasselback Potatoes with Bacon, created with only three ingredients in less than 40 minutes, they are sure to go down a treat.

Tandoori chicken party skewers

The third was tantalising Tandoori Chicken Party Skewers made using another super simple recipe, prepared in under an hour.

Finally, if Fish is your dish, this Seafood platter recipe which can be found on the Eat Well for Less website, is perfect for serving to guests with a glass of bubbly. Made using inexpensive Salmon trimmings (it’s the same as regular Salmon) to create a delicious smoked Salmon pate and accompanying caviar blini canapes, very posh!

So, if you are having a festive get together over the Christmas period, why not create some great dishes for a fraction of the price of ready made platters?


Source Images: BBC Eat Well for Less Website


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