Last Minute Christmas Gifts Pt 2 ~ Handmade


So, as promised, here is the second part of our Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide (read part 1 here!). In this half we will look at quick and easy gifts that can be made using your own fair hands! We have scoured the world of Pinterest again for some handmade inspiration and have found some perfect festive treats.

Food is a staple part of the festive season and whilst we all know that we shouldn’t eat half as much as we do, the indulgent delights that are placed before us are often tChocolate and peppermint stirring spoons for the holidays: oo hard to resist. With this in mind, edible gifts are a great way to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to friends and loved ones, plus it’s extra special when you make it yourself!

So, the first idea that caught our eye was this recent offering by Lauren – DIY Chocolate Coffee Stirring Spoons.

Now this is a super easy idea with great appeal and is just perfect if you are going crazy thinking about present buying. Requiring only plastic or metal spoons, white and milk chocolate plus a scattering of candy cane pieces, these babies can be whipped up in next to no time. Once set, wrap in clear cellophane gift bags, tie with a festive ribbon and bob’s your uncle!

Easy Chocolate Fudge-just 4 ingredients and a few minutes! Perfect for gift giving!:

Our next festive treat idea comes in the form of a Fudge recipe – Chocolate Fudge that is! This super simple fudge recipe comes from Chocolate, Chocolate and More, a great blog full of delicious ideas!

Made with only four ingredients, you’ll have a production line up and running in no time! And if milk chocolate isn’t your preferred choice, why not try the Peppermint Fudge or even the White Chocolate, Cranberries and Pistachio Fudge recipes? Pop in a Kilner style jar and make up your own personalised labels for a great gift idea.

Another optionHomemade Hot Chocolate Mix in a Mason Jar - a perfect holiday gift idea! is giving comforting hot chocolaty goodness. We have found some amazing recipes for a smorgasbord of hot chocolates and we especially like the idea of giving this gift in a jar.

To make a quick and easy gift jar, use shop bought hot chocolate (our favourite at the moment is Peanut Hottie, a mix of peanut butter and chocolate – it’s divine!), layer with marshmallows and pop peppermint candies on top or tie candy canes to the side.

Finish with bakers twine and add a handmade label with directions for use, voila! Pop over to Love Grows for inspiration.

If hot drinks aren’t your thing, why not make up a jar Gingerbread gift jars: filled with ingredients for yummy festive bakes – the options are endless! We especially like this recipe over at BBC Good Food for a Gingerbread Gift Jar complete with pretty ribbon and a cookie cutter.

For a healthier option, add a festive nut mix to a jar with directions for a yummy Florentine recipe that is both dairy and gluten free.

So now on to some non-food gifts. These Sharpie Monogram mugs found over at are another simple idea with pretty impressive results. Made using a plain white mug, sticky letters and a red sharpie, plus a bit of imagination added for good measure , these ordinary mugs are transformed into great gifts.

You could combine a mug with some of hot chocolate and marshmallows or add some tea bags and individual biscuits too.

If you are handy with a needle and thread, why not make up one of these very clever glasses case sewing kits. As many of us will know, a new pair of specs often means a new case so rather than throw spares away, why not upcycle and create a pretty gift complete with ‘on-the-go’sewing essentials. They have a great guide over at Tea Rose Home.

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters | Inspired by Charm

We also love this colourful Wool Felt Ball Coaster Set found at Inspiredby All that is required for these funky coaster is a plain cork board coaster kit from Hobbycraft or  any other good craft store, some bright wool felt balls and strong glue – A great gift for teens.

Sock Snowman – Odd sock? Follow this nifty guide to turning your unloved spares into something beautiful this Christmas. Great for childrenof all ages and so cute!

Oven Glove of Goodies – Not strictly ‘handmade’ but still requiring some thought. Fill with cookie cutters, baking utensils and finish with a beautiful ribbon – perfect.

The Curve Ball – or should we say the tennis ball! Found over at,this little guy is made from a cleverly cut tennis ball, cute eyes, rivets and a suction cup. All this added together becomes a very amusing way to hang anything at all – we want one!

tennis ball.png

So there you have it – a list of some really wonderful gift ideas that will take no time at all to put together! We hope that this two part guide has provided some perfect ways to get yourself gift ready in anticipation of that last minute rush!

Happy Crafting!


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