An Alternative Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has really started, only 13 days are left until we sit down and stuff ourselves full of Turkey and Christmas Pud…and we can’t wait!

In the meantime however, we thought this would be the ideal time to look at some of the most creative and innovative Christmas designs to provide some inspiration if you still haven’t got the decs up!

We love alternative designs and cleverly thought up ideas for the festive season. Our Pinterest page contains a few goodies and we thought that we would share some of these with you today.

The first are alternative Christmas Trees. Now as traditionalists we do like a real tree however due to the ‘Pine Needle’ argument this is not always practical. These ideas offer some artistic and pretty cool ways to incorporate the epitome of Christmas without the fuss.

1. 2D Christmas Tree – (2014). This is probably our favourite, we love how simple yet effective this design is and also how practical! If you don’t have a great deal of room, this is a great way to still have a tree with plenty of wow factor – you can even continue to put the presents ‘under’ the tree too! Use chalk paint or  washable colouring pens and markers, add fairy lights and some cute decorations and you are good to go- it’s one we would love to try!

2. Christmas Tree of Books – Architecture Art Another creative idea with a vintage feel. Artfully displayed open books at varying heights covered in red garland and topped with star, a very clever idea indeed.

3. Driftwood Christmas Tree – Live Eco. Again a great space saving idea which could cost next to nothing if you are happy to go hunting for driftwood! Well positioned pieces make this a magical site.

4. Step Ladder Christmas Tree by Tattered Style – Our fourth and final unconventional Christmas tree is so out of the ordinary yet immensely popular given a quick search on the net! Wooden ladders look great for a more rustic feel combined with pretty fairy lights and complimentary decorations, however that said metal ladders work just as well!

So, with the tree out of the way it’s on to the decorations to fill your home with some festive cheer. More from our pinterest page below and plenty of ideas that are so simple.

1.Paper Christmas Trees – Tartertots and Jello – These funky trees are made using Styrofoam cones artfully wrapped in festive paper. The cones can be picked up from good craft stores as can some great papers – you could also use old wrapping paper from the year before – as there is inevitably some left each year!

2. Snow Candles by Recklass Glamour – Candles go hand in hand with Christmas cheer and this idea is perfect for adding some sparkle to shop bought items. Reds and blues seem to work particularly well. Cover the sides of the candles with a glue such as Modge Podge, which can be found at Hobbycraft, and then roll the candles in Epsom salts to create a pretty snow effect – great for table centerpieces.

3. Winter Village Jars by Eclectically – These sweet decorative pieces cost very little to make and would look great above a roaring fire. Made using large glass jars with lids, or you could use plastic if little ones are a concern, filled with Epsom salts and ceramic ornaments which have been sprayed lustrous shades of gold, silver and copper. The ideas for these decorations are endless!

4.  Wine Cork Christmas Trees by Segretosecrets – These lovely mini Christmas Trees are cleverly made from old wine corks and are a great recycling project for cleaning up after all of the festive cheer! Topped with stars or wrapped in ribbon, these are perfect for mantelpieces or table decorations.

5. Vintage Style Baubles by – Finally Christmas wouldn’t be complete without baubles and these are especially cool. Made with shop bought decorations, each is covered in recycled book pages and dusted with glitter before being finishing with a neat Noel tag. These vintage-esque baubles would make a great finishing touch to any tree!

So there you have it , some very cool ideas for an alternative yet traditional style Christmas!

Source: Decozilla.comArchitecture Art Design.comLive EcoTattered StyleTartertots and Jello , Recklass Glamour , Eclectically Vintage.comSegretosecrets ,,


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